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SwissJeese is a Swiss JavaScript community event.

It is a one day, one track JavaScript conference organized for the community by the community. Members of all Swiss JavaScript user groups will either speak or attend this event.

SwissJeese is the only event that gets all the leading Swiss JavaScript developers into a room for an entire day. It is where they finally get to meet in person.

The first edition of SwissJeese took place in 2012. It was initially planned as an informal gathering of Swiss JavaScript developers and quickly turned into a conrefence with an unexpected attendance of ~60 people.

SwissJeese 2014

SwissJeese 2014 is highly anticipated by the community. The positive feedback from 2012 lead to the sale of 120 tickets within a week's time.

While remaining a one day, one track JavaScript conference, SwissJeese grows in size. While growing in size, SwissJeese 2014 remains limited to 200 seats in order to keep the spirit of the community event.

It will take place in Bern on Saturday, July 26th 2014.


As a sponsor of SwissJeese you reach pretty much all of the who-is-who in the Swiss JavaScript community. While the event is limited to a single day for 200 people, experience show that it will resonate throughout social media for several weeks.

Sponsors will be shown on the projector between talks and regularly mentioned by the MC of the event.

In order to add a bit of viral after-marketing, SwissJeese will release a professionally shot video of the event, capturing the mood rather than the content. Sponsors will be thanked in the video too.

2 x Main-Sponsor CHF 2500 (Sold Out)

As a main sponsor either sponsor either lunch or the drinks after the event.

  • Sponsoring of the catering
  • Big logo and link on website
  • A full slide on the slideshow between the talks
  • Mentioned in tweets by @swissjeese
  • Displayed in the video¬†which will be produced during the event
  • 5 tickets
4 x Co-Sponsor CHF 1000
  • Small logo and link on website
  • Logo on the co-sponsor slide on the slideshow between the talks
  • Displayed in the video¬†which will be produced during the event
  • 2 tickets
Other opportunities

We have few more idea on how we could improve the event. Let us know if you are interested to work with us to prepare a something special and sponsor it.


Email us to get in touch.